🎃Human Skull Bowl



Whenever there is a party, your boring ceramic rice bowl is a little boring! 

Get into the party mood with the Human Skull Bowl.

The hyper-realistic human skull bowl is handcrafted by the Catacomb Culture, which focuses on making handmade products of home decoration inspired by macabre style & ancient catacombs say, such as oddity decor, bone candles & lamps, mounted macabre, etc.

The shop owner says that each skull bowl is uniquely customized by hand as requested.

Breathe-taking realistic detailing: Made of food-safe material

“Human Skull Bowl”

-Holds 16 fluid ounces 

-Hyper-realistic detail

-Sculpted from wet & dry food-grade materials

Handcrafted skull bowls are cast from custom molds with hand-poured resins.

It spends hours/days with each piece adding unique details, then treated with various stains and paints.

Experimental” is when you trust me as I push myself to spend extra time to create something never before seen while trying some new techniques